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Now, with all of this in mind, it’s time to drop a bombshell about the fancy fonts you’ll find in this font generator: Fancy fonts aren’t actual fonts. Surprise!

These fancy “fonts” are actually the product of Unicode. Unicode is the IT standard for encoding and text expression throughout 95% of the websites you engage with online. With roughly 150,000 characters, Unicode includes modern and historic scripts, symbol sets and emojis. So that fancy fotextnt you’re using to get lolz, upvotes and likes is actually a Unicode symbol.

This font generator takes the text you input and searches through the Unicode database to match it with the style you’ve chosen from the dropdown list—and because 95% of sites use Unicode, there’s a really good chance you’ll be able to copy and paste your dressed-up text anywhere that allows comments.

However, even though Unicode is industry standard, you still may run across a website that doesn’t support the particular symbols chosen from this generator. In that case, your comment will end up with empty boxes instead of fancy fonts. Just know that the issue is with the host site, not this font generator.

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